Wyatt at Lobster Fest 2014When our son Wyatt was diagnosed with a pediatric low-grade astrocytoma (PLGA) brain tumor at the age of 2, we were devastated. When we found out that our treatment options hadn’t changed in 25 years and that there had been little research regarding PLGAs, we couldn’t believe it. We knew we wanted to be part of the search for a better treatment that wasn’t taxing on the children being treated and harmful to their growth and development.

How We Help

Supported by our friends, family and colleagues, we held our first fundraiser in 2005. Why Not Me Inc. reached $1,000,000 raised at Lobster Fest 2018! We’ve been able to make numerous grants to fund research to find more effective treatments and therapies for children with pediatric low-grade astrocytoma (PLGA) tumors.