We just received a PLGA Program update from Dana Farber the other week and it was very exciting to read all of the various activities happening in the PLGA tumor world. We can really see a big difference in the number of research projects and drug trials that are in process! They now have several very promising targets to work on.

One of the first drug trials that Why Not Me helped sponsor is wrapping up with some very promising results. We are anxiously awaiting the formal publication so we can get all of the details. We are so proud to be a part of the original teams to help sponsor all of this important work. We can’t wait for the day when a parent and child are faced with the same circumstances we were 10 years ago and the doctor can tell them all the great treatments they have for the tumor that will allow them to live a full and normal life. This has always been our goal!!

While we know we have much work still ahead, we know there is energy directed at PLGAs that was not there 10 years ago. We are eternally grateful to all the wonderful friends, family and colleagues who have so unselfishly helped us through this journey. It is always such an emotional experience for us when we look out across the room at our annual fundraiser and know how lucky we are to know so many wonderful people. We have never felt alone in all of this.

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