Well it sure has been a week of ups and downs. Poor Wyatt has been battling stomach pain and some type of reflux since before Easter. He has had these types of problems before his second surgery and when he went back on chemo. He’s had numerous tests to determine what this could be, but everything came back fine. The doctors think it could be stress related, which isn’t hard to believe. Now we just have to figure out how to de-stress his life. That should be interesting!! As he says, “What a cruel punishment for a foodies to get.” That’s our Wyatt. Never loses his sense of humor.

However, the good news outweighed the bad news for the week. The first piece of good news was that his growth hormone isn’t as low as they thought it might be because he hasn’t really grown much in the last year. He’s not completely out of the woods and if it is too low, he will have to receive daily injections. Because of the good reading from the test, he gets the summer off from that issue. We honestly don’t know how this little guy gets through all of this.

The other good news we got was listening to a webinar given by our friends at the Dana Farber PLGA Program. If you missed the webinar, you can view it here to see (and hear) all of the good news that is coming from your important support. Overall, the outcomes for PLGAs is getting better and more treatment options are being discovered. For instance, they are finding out that they can re-use chemotherapy treatments and the tumors still respond. In addition, these tumors tend to stop growing on their own once the person reaches their 20’s. This information is a great target for research to determine what causes this change.

As we said before, we have a lot of momentum going right now and we have to continue to keep it moving. We will be sending out a letter shortly to our past supporters as a “call to arms” to help us expand our fundraising efforts.

This is our 10th anniversary, so let’s make it extra special!

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