Well, our brave Wyatt finally gets a break from all of his stomach problems. He finished all of his remaining tests including his colonoscopy and they found a whole lot of nothing, which is a mixed blessing. We certainly don’t want them to find anything else for this kid to deal with, but on the other hand, it appears all of this is probably stress related. Just when we think Wyatt is cruising through all of this like a champ, he has probably been internalizing his stress about it and doesn’t even know it. We have noticed him getting better since the school year has ended. He did miss a good bit of school at the end of the year, but still managed to make honor roll. He is some kind of fighter! We’re hoping a long summer off from everything will help get things under control. Most importantly, however, is that the tumor is still stable.

We’re really gearing up our planning for this year’s event. October will be here before we know it. For all of our great supporters, expect your invitation soon. We can’t wait to taste those awesome lobsters again and have a great time with all of our most favorite people! We’ve also been receiving donations through the new website, so we hope everyone continues to get the word out.

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